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Welcome to the new year!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to parents and caregivers of students I work with.

My name is John Vaughan and I have over thirty-six years experience teaching in primary schools, with 27 of those in senior positions (senior teacher, deputy principal and principal). I have worked in the main in the senior school (Year 6 -8). Year 7/8 is my specialty teaching area.

Currently I am working in a relieving capacity. I teach science 2/3 days a week, and work as a reliever on the other days.

Curriculum strengths include science, skills in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), and Maths. Literature for the Year 7 / 8 (young adult) age group is also a favourite interest and strength of mine.

Key issues for me are:

Reading, writing and maths skills: I ask parents / caregivers to encourage their children to read regularly every day and to practice spelling and basic facts (addition and multiplication tables).

Links 4 classroom programmes

In this section I hope to maintain information on web links & resources related to the current classroom programmes.

Search Engines


'Yahooligans' is a Search Engine designed specifically for students.

Parent Links

These links are for parents wanting additional information about the curriculum your child works through in their years at school.

Ministry of Education

Curriculum Resource - TKI
Teacher resource site with good curriculum document information.

Terms and Holidays

Primary and Intermediate schools

Ministry of Education Website link for current year term dates and holidays:



At interviews, parents often request information to assist with their child's reading. I have a list of titles targeting the Year 7 & 8 age group, but there may be titles suitable for strong readers from other levels, younger or older.

The titles in this booklet have been read successfully to the target age group in class, or have been recommended to me by students in my classes who have enjoyed reading them. All titles have been read before being included in the list.

For further detail about the list, please read the notes at the front of the booklet.

The booklet is available from me, but I thought I would make it more easily accessible by providing download access here.

Right-click the link and "Save file as..."
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