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Springhills has been home for over 30 years. It is a rural area, but we have easy access to the nearby towns
and broadband gives us access to the world! I live with my wife, a few hens, some sheep, our lovely lab Chloe, and Sophie, the cat

Our children have spread far and wide.
Our eldest daughter works in the film & television industry in Australia, with her partner Julian.
Our son works in a casino on the Gold Coast and is married to the wonderful Chika. They have three awesome children...
Our second daughter is married to a great guy, Rob, a beekeeper. Together they have
two children
and they live in Te Anau.

- - - - - -

Sad and happy times with our pets over the last few years...

Kess at Otara
March 1998 - May 2007
March 1995 - September 2009
Chloe has now joined our family.
She is a very lovable golden labrador.

"Murray the cat" joined... er... I mean 'took over' our family for a while last year.
However one night he just 'disappeared'.
We suspect he took fright at the gunshots from duck shooting season.

We have never found him - so wherever he is, we hope he is warm and safe.

The beautiful, elegant "SOPHIE"




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